Center table in silvered bronze said "The Forest" by C. CHRISTOFLE nineteenth

"The Forest" by C. CHRISTOFLE nineteenth

Centerpiece silvered bronze table consisting of an oval tray with a mirror base mounted on an oak floor and set with a silver molded bronze mold with plant decoration foliage tree branches, in the center a beautiful gardener is placed in the same forest setting, whose handles are represented by two young faunesses.

This piece was called "THE FOREST".

Dimensions: Tray Length 70 cm - width 46 cm - height 6 cm                     Planter: length 48 cm - width 24 cm - height 14 cm
Material: Bronze
Punches: CHRISTOFLE in letters                        C C scales and three stars in a square                        Order No .: 2365582
Period: Mid 19th century