Silversmith PUIFORCAT - Five-piece sterling silver table set.

This trim is composed of a large pair of candelabra with six removable arms of light, decorated with pine cones and palmettes, surmounted by a flowery bouquet, the fluted barrel is adorned with ram's heads, the rounded gadrooned base is surrounded. of laurel wreaths.

The pair of round cuts even decor, rests on foot hoofs, on a triangular base adorned with a pine cone.

The oval jardiniere has a pierced body of a gallery surrounded by knots and ribbons, and a garland of laurel flowers. the handles are ram's heads.

Dimensions: Candelabra height 61.5 cm - base 16.5 cm - center distance 40 cm Cups: diameter 21.5 - height Planter: 47 cm X 23 cm X 15 cm

Subject: Silver 1st title

Weight: Pair of candelabra: 12,300 grams Pair of cuts: 3,680 grams Flowerpot: 3,885 grams

Hallmark: MINERVE

Period: 19th century NAPOLEON III

Silversmith: PUIFORCAT / PARIS