Center pièce table in silvered bronze XIXth 



Ed. TETARD - Important pair of nineteenth silver candelabra 



Art deco silver sauce boat by Lapparra 



Vegetable dish covered in silver Art deco period by Lapparra 



CHRISTOFLE (C.C. 1863) Planter in silver-plated bronze and its crystal bowl 



A. AUCOC (1856-1911) Pair of nineteenth solid silver candelabra 



André AUCOC (1856-1911) Important vegetable dish and its XIXth silver tray 



PUIFORCAT Cutlery set in sterling silver 180 pieces CHOISEUL  



JEAN TETARD 4 pieceS tea / coffee set and silver tray Art deco  



Suite of four silver candelabra by Gustave KELLER Art déco period 



Pair of silver table ends by the goldsmith TETARD in Paris XXth 



Important Vegetable covered in silver by the goldsmith GUSTAVE ODIOT XIXth 



Silver and vermeil racing trophy by DUPONCHEL in 1860 






4 pieces silver coffee / chocolate service by PAUL CANAUX 



Vermeil COOLER by RISLER & CARRE 19th 



Pair of candelabra in silvered bronze with 5 lights XIXth century 



Suite of four bottoms vermeil bottle by A.AUCOC 



Surtout de table in three parts silvered bronze 19 th 



Cardeilhac silversmith - Silver bronze surtout de table 



Rocaille style rectangular tray in silver by FRAY SILVERSMITH 



Pair of silver bronze candelabra by ELKINGTON and Co 



Center table in silvered bronze said "The Forest" by C. CHRISTOFLE nineteenth 



Silversmith PUIFORCAT - Five-piece sterling silver table set. 


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