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Goldsmith Antoine Michel - Ewer in sterling silver 1st Empire period 



Goldsmith BOINTABURET - Pair of solid silver displays from the late 19th  



Goldsmith BANCELIN -Soup tureen in solid silver circa 1950/1960 



Goldsmith Christofle - 19th century silvered bronze planter 



CARDEILHAC -19th century tea coffee service in sterling silver 



Goldsmith ROUSSEL - 19th century solid silver cooler 



Goldsmith TETARD - Especially table and its planter in solid silver XIXth 



Centerpièce table its oak chest Late 19th century 



Goldsmith ODIOT - Pair of oblong crystal and vermeil ewers 19th century 



Goldsmith MERITE - Vegetable dish and gravy boat in solid silver XIXth cent 



Goldsmith CARDEILHAC - Sauce boat on its solid silver tray 19th century  



Goldsmith BOIN TABURET - Pair of cups in solid silver and crystal cup 



Goldsmith BOIN TABURET - Suite of four crystal ewers, silver frame, 19th century 



Goldsmith CHRISTOFLE - Centerpiece in silvered bronze and 19th crystal 



Goldsmith DE VECCHI - 20th century sterling silver vase 



Goldsmith CALLEGARI Gioielli - 20th century solid silver vase 



Goldsmith G. Keller - Teapot In Sterling Silver Nineteenth 



Orfèvre Cardeilhac - Table Trim 3 Cups In Sterling Silver And Crystal Nineteenth  



Orfèvre BOIN TABURET - Set of vermeil table decor pieces 



Goldsmith A. AUCOC - Pair of 19th century solid silver candelabra 



JEAN TETARD 4 pieceS tea / coffee set and silver tray Art deco  



Silversmith ODIOT - 236 solid silver cutlery set oak chest 



Goldsmith TETARD Frères - Pair of candelabra in sterling silver circa 1930 



Goldsmith Armand GROSS - Rockery planter in solid silver 19th 


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